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SA-FORD, A division of Sharon Bio- Medicine Ltd. offers various toxicology services related to animals as per international...   Intermediate and API manufacturing Facility, Finished Dosage Facility etc.   SA-FORD stands for "Sanctuary for Research & Development" and is a newly established division.
  The company adopts the business model for Contract Research and Manufacturing Services
Our Brand
  • Registered its two brands in Kenya (Sharazole 40 Paracetamol 40 mg. Tab & Plastum Tamsulosin Caps), in Yemen have registered brand Ridosban Hyosine Tabs. 10mg. & in Franco country Togo have registered Sharlum (Artemether + Lumefantrine )20/40/80 mg.
  • Sharon have received approval from KFDA in month of March-12 for its API manufacturing plant L-6
  • Sharon have filed 4 US-DMF with USFDA
  • In May-2011 Sharon have received first CEP for Product Trimetazidine Dihydrochloride
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